Currently, I’m a freelance writer/performer/director and comedian. I’m often seeking work in the arts; particularly in comedy, television, radio, and theatre. If you want to get in touch and have a chat about cool ideas or opportunities, contact me here!

Polygamy, Polygayou: A New Musical!
Writer, performer
Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019, MICF 2020
Venue: Trades Hall (Melbourne Fringe 2019), Melbourne Town Hall (MICF 2020)
Starring: Charity Werk, Margot Tanjutco, Alice Tovey, Hayley Tantau
Produced by: Clare Rankine Productions

Cindy Salmon – I Want You!
Writer, performer, producer
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019
Venue: Melbourne Town Hall
Accompanied by Alice Tovey & Ned Dixon
Guests included: Luke McGregor, DeAnne Smith, Sami Shah, Nina Oyama, Aaron Gocs, and more.

Cindy Salmon – EMPOWERFUL
2018 Moosehead Award recipient

Writer, performer
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018
Venue: ACMI
Directed by Declan Fay & Tessa Waters
Time Out Melbourne’s Top 10 Best Shows of the Comedy Festival

Patrick Rehill – Climate of Courage (MICF 2020)
Aran Thingsatrandom – The Aussie Ethnic Identity Crisis (Melbourne Fringe 2019)
Katherine Allen – Strong Female Protagonist (Melbourne Fringe 2018)
Reeni Inosha – Enlighten Me a Little (Melbourne Fringe 2018)
Fiannah De Rue – It’s Not Funny (MICF 2018 & Melbourne Fringe 2018)
Dave Hynes – I Love You Special Guest In Brackets (MICF 2018)
Bess County – The First Annual (Doris to Insert) Festival (Melbourne Fringe 2017)
Improv Conspiracy House Sketch Team (2017, 2018)
Improv Conspiracy House Improv Teams: Crown Boy (2016), Juicy Husband (2016), Now I’m Ten (2017), Good Ghosts (2017), A.I. Baby (2018), Chef! (2018/19)

Princess Pictures & Foxtel
Content creator – filmed & animated television content
Writer, actor, producer, voiceover artist for The Comedy Channel’s The Slot
March 2017 – December 2017

Independent Improv & Sketch Coach
I’ve been coaching independent improv and sketch teams/duos since 2013, and worked with countless artists to assist with their shows, student showcases, extra training, and audition preparation.

The Improv Conspiracy
Workshop Instructor, Director, Performer
Best Workshop Instructor Award 2015
2013 – present

Content Producer
Copywriting, marketing, social media, data entry
March 2016 – May 2017

Cindy Salmon’s Empowerment Hour
Writer, performer, producer
Venue: The Forum
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017
Directed by Simon McCulloch

Trillcumber – Paradise
Writer, performer, producer
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016
Directed by Daniel Pavatich

Trillcumber – Is This Intimacy?
Writer, performer, producer
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015
Melbourne Fringe 2015
Directed by Daniel Pavatich

The Improv Conspiracy Touring Company
Performer (improvisational comedy)
Perth Fringe World 2014 & 2015
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014 & 2015
Nominee: Perth Fringe World Best Comedy Award 2015

Monash University
Graduated Bachelor of Arts (Communications & Journalism)
2011 – 2013

Copywriting & Social Media Internship

Victorian College of the Arts
Part-time Acting Studio

Plus a heck-tonne of office admin, data entry, customer service, hospitality and nannying jobs because you gotta make a living somehow.