‘Even in a crowded comedy field, Hayley Tantau stands out’ – The Herald Sun

Performing live consistently over the last eight years has helped me experience things I never knew I was capable of. While it still scares me every now and then to get in front of a new audience, put up a new show, or test out a new skill, I’ll always be smiling for hours after I’ve left the stage – every time*.

*(Okay, not every time. Sometimes you have a rough show and it makes you want to quit comedy but the important thing is that you DON’T).

Polygamy, Polygayou: A New Musical!

Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) 2020 | Melbourne Town Hall | Melbourne Fringe 2019

‘Super queer, super feminist musical…fabulously smart, sharply astute [and] gorgeously hilarious’ – Time Out Melbourne

A hilariously ludicrous escapade…the cast are destined for success’ – Theatre Travels

Cindy Salmon: I Want You!

MICF 2019 | Melbourne Town Hall | Featuring Alice Tovey & Ned Dixon

Guests: Luke McGregor, Deanne Smith, Geraldine Hickey, Sami Shah, Nina Oyama, Margot Tanjutco, Aaron Gocs, Bella Green, Charity Werk, Stu Daulman, Kelly Fastuca & Lauren Bok.

★★★★ ‘A high-energy, wondrously eccentric cabaret…impressively talented’ & ‘Perfection…a hilarious late night show‘ – Funny Tonne 2019

Cindy Salmon: EMPOWERFUL

MICF 2018 | ACMI | Moosehead Award Recipient | Time Out Top 10 Shows of MICF 2018
Directed by Declan Fay & Tessa Waters | Produced by Milke

‘EMPOWERFUL is a masterclass in character comedy. For a laugh out loud experience…go see this show’ – Squirrel Comedy

An enjoyable hour of wacky tips for learning new skills, navigating job interviews and facing fears. Plus, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a special souvenir badge’ – The Herald Sun

★★★★ ‘Tantau explores how even our most enthusiastic role models sometimes need help…hilariously amazing’ – Time Out Melbourne

Cindy Salmon’s Empowerment Hour

MICF 2017 | Forum Theatre | Directed by Simon McCulloch

★★★★ – The Funny Tonne

Hayley Tantau’s Cindy Salmon is one of the most powerful high status creations on the Australian stage right now. A high status character that can be hilariously satirical, wildly inspiring, teetering on the monstrous and yet somehow sympathetic is rare among current female comedians. Hayley pulls it off…we’ll be keeping an eye on Hayley Tantau’ – Lisa Clark, Squirrel Comedy

Salmon is a fantastic character. She manages to embrace and subvert many of the contradictions in contemporary feminism’ – The Age

Assertive and entertaining, Tantau draws in the crowd…it covers necessary topics and sparks the conversations that need to be had in a humorous, and at times, meaningful way‘ – Hugging Comedians

With a blast of an air horn and a shattering of the glass ceiling, Cindy Salmon bursts into Melbourne Fringe with an infectious energy that will leave your cheeks sore by the end of the night….this is one of the best examples of a high status character comedy done to perfection, it is a highlight of Melbourne Fringe’ – Squirrel Comedy

‘A hilarious creation from the fearless Hayley Tantau. It’s hard not to be won over by Cindy…ingenious’ – Beat Magazine

Trillcumber: PARADISE

MICF 2016 | The Improv Conspiracy Theatre | Directed by Dan Pavatich

Tantau hilariously displays her musical chops…it’s silly sketch that also manages to tug at your heartstrings. If you’re after well-written sketch comedy from some accomplished young performers, it’s definitely a show worth checking out’ – Squirrel Comedy

The Improv Conspiracy: Three Mad Rituals

Melbourne Fringe 2015 | The Improv Conspiracy Theatre | Directed by Adam Kangas 

Trillcumber: Is This Intimacy?

Melbourne Fringe 2015 | MICF 2015 | Directed by Dan Pavatich

Taken as a whole, Is This Intimacy? is the perfect gateway into the world of sketch comedy…At home on the new Improv Conspiracy stage – Melbourne’s first dedicated improv theatre – there’s every likelihood that performers like Trillcumber will be leading the Australian charge. For those curious about the groundswell, make sure you get down to see Trillcumber – before someone gives them their own TV show’ – Buzzcuts

‘Gloriously ridiculous scenarios, populated with characters that feel genuine. It’s sketch that brings together humour and heart’ – Squirrel Comedy

Tantau’s Cindy Salmon is an ace in the hole’ – Buzzcuts

The Improv Conspiracy Touring Company: The Completely Improvised Movie

Perth Fringe World 2015 | Best Comedy Nominee | Directed by Dan Pavatich

The Improv Conspiracy: Small Plates

Melbourne Fringe 2014 | The Croft Institute

The Improv Conspiracy: A Night in Chicago

Perth Fringe World 2014 | MICF 2015 | Directed by Adam Kangas