Hi there! I’m Hayley.

I’m a writer, actor, improviser, comedian, and director based in Melbourne.

I love writing scripts, sketches, and short stories – all the major S’s, really. I’m also super passionate about making comedy, directing comedy, watching comedy, and… did I mention comedy yet? How good is comedy!

When I’m not writing, improvising, performing, teaching, and making sketches for The Improv Conspiracy, I’m directing the shows of other Melbourne comedians and artists.

Sometimes, I’m performing as my alter ego Cindy Salmon. Whether it’s in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (where I was a 2018 Moosehead Award Recipient for my show EMPOWERFUL and landed in Time Out’s Top 10 Shows of the Festival), making live-action and animated sketches for The Slot on Foxtel, or just hosting my favourite variety shows around Melbourne – Cindy’s always bubbling away, high-kicking the patriarchy into yesteryear.